Sign Up 2018

Hello Stockholm 2018:

Teams 2018

Teams signed up for Hello Stockholm 2018:

Open division

  1. Back In Stock    Switzerland
  2. Berliner Luft    Germany
  3. Chiripa    France
  4. Danger! High Voltage    
  5. Danger! High Voltage    
  6. Discoholics    Lithuania
  7. Färila IF    Sweden
  8. FUNK    BEL / AUT
  9. GRID    
  10. Guns Out    
  11. Hardcore Ultimate    Latvia
  12. JuPiter    Russia
  13. KFUM Linköping    
  14. KFUM Örebro Blå    
  15. KFUM Örebro Vit    
  16. Linköping Go    
  17. Mikko & Morri    Finland/Italy
  18. Mooslo    Norway
  19. Multiple Scoregasms    AUT, BEL, SUI
  20. OksiDiskO    Russia
  21. Ol' Dirty is back!    International
  22. Saku Ultimate    Estonia
  23. Salaspils WT    Latvia
  24. Stenungsunds FC    Sweden
  25. Tallinn Thunder    Estonia
  26. Tartu Turbulence    Estonia
  27. The Dalahästs    
  28. Tourne-Disc    France
  29. Trondheim Frisbeeklubb    Norway
  30. Uppsala Fdk    
  31. VIF 1    
  32. VIF 2    

Women’s division

  1. Brilliance    
  2. Brussels Msls    Belgium
  3. Copenhagen Hucks    Denmark
  4. Dream Team    
  5. Drop That Smile    Lithuania
  6. Duck Face    
  7. Fierce Grace    U.K.
  8. Flying Lemons    Estonia
  9. French Full Cup    France
  10. GötLAborg    Sverige
  11. KCN Riga    Latvia
  12. KFUM Linköping    Sweden
  13. KFUM Örebro    
  14. LemonGrass    Russia
  15. Like a Baas    The Netherlands
  16. Lynx    Estonia
  17. PMG    UK
  18. Rubik's Boobs    Germany
  19. Salaspils FK    Latvia
  20. Ufo    
  21. Uppsala FDK    Sweden
  22. Valkyria    Sweden
  23. Valkyria Light    Sweden
  24. Viima    Finland
  25. YRR    Germany


All players need to choose one of the following player packages.

The player packs are limited in numbers. Pay early to get the pack you want. Payment deadlines are listed here.

player pack A – 490 SEK

No hotel
2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
Party ticket (Sat)

player pack B – 1150 SEK

2 nights double/triple Premium Hotel room, 10-15min drive from Bosön (Fri-Sun)
2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
Party ticket (Sat)

player pack C – 1375 SEK

2 nights 4-beds Standard Hotel room at Bosön (Fri-Sun)
2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
Party ticket (Sat)

player pack D1 – 1525 SEK

2 nights triple Premium Hotel room at Bosön (Fri-Sun)
2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
Party ticket (Sat)

player pack D2 – 1865 SEK

2 nights double Premium Hotel room at Bosön (Fri-Sun)
2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
Party ticket (Sat)

Team fee 1900 SEK.

Add dinner buffet Saturday at Bosön for 125 SEK. Read more about the hotels and the restaurant here.

Select player packs and pay in your teamsheet. A link was sent via email when you signed up. Click here to resend the teamsheet link. (If you can’t find the email, check your spam-folder)


1 sep 2017

Sign-Up HS2017 is open
Prebook a spot for your team by filling out the web form above. No fees needed.

15 oct 2017

Early bird – secure a bid!
Teams who sign up AND pay the team fee before this date will be guaranteed a spot (still possible to pull out with full refund before the sign up deadline).

1 nov 2017

Sign up deadline
Bids will now be awarded among all signups (check your contact email). Secure your spot by submitting the team fee. Sign ups after this date will be put on the waiting list.

1 dec 2017

Team fee deadline
Teams with unpaid team fees will lose their reservation. Teams on the waiting list can take over available bids by submitting team fee.

1 jan 2018

Player packs deadline
Player packages must be paid before this date. Player packs are limited in numbers – pay early to get the pack you want. Teams without 5 paid player packs will lose their spot.

17-18 mar 2018

Hello Stockholm 2018!
The first games start 08.00 Saturday. The finals are over around 16.00 on Sunday.

How to pay

  • By credit/debit card in your team sheet
  • Swish: 073-703 2982 (mark payment with team name)
  • Bankgiro: 341-8779 (mark payment with team name)

If possible, please help reduce the amount of administration by paying all player packs in one transaction.

Refund Policy

Team cancellation

Before sign up deadline: 100% refunded

Before player packs deadline: 25% refunded

Player cancellation

Before player packs deadline: 100% refunded

Before the player packs deadline + 2 week: 50% refunded

Replace a player with another player: no charge