5 players on the field

8 players per team

68×24 meter field size indoor artificial grass

16 open teams

16 women’s teams

1 BIG party

50 meter to the hotel

29-30 of March 2014 – Bosön, Stockholm

 amount of fun

Starting something new

Bosön – the National Sports Complex – has quality of everything needed, in one location.

Within a few meters: quality hotels, restaurant, and the amazing Vinnarhallen – A huge and modern indoor atificial grass field with plenty of ceiling height. This is where the Swedish elite soccer teams do their winter season training. Bosön even has a decent 9-hole discgolf course on the area if you find some spare time. Furthermore, the complex is beautifully located by the water in the artipelago just 15 min from Stockholm City.

Playing indoor ultimate on grass the game becomes more authentic, turns are faster and layouts don’t give you category 3 skin burns. It’s like outdoor ultimate but without wind and rain, so keep expecting blades and hammers! As the field is enlarged to about the size of beach ultimate, throwing skills become more important. How far can you throw a good hammer? Playing 5 – 5 on this larger field, there is a lot more space than what we’re used to indoors. Each player on the field needs to be active. How will teams tackle these new conditions? Probably we will see some new 5 to 5 strategies and spectacular hucks.

In short:

  • Ultimate Frisbee the last weekend of March 2014
  • Teams play 5 against 5 on top-quality artificial grass fields, 68x24m big.
  • 16 open teams. 16 women’s teams. Limit of 8 players per team.
  • Quality hotel + restaurant + fields, all within a few meters. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets both days included.
  • Big awesome Saturday night party.
  • Everything hosted at the amazing Bosön National Sports Centre in Stockholm 29-30th of March 2014.