open division 2024 – 32 teams

Open division has two top seeded pools with four teams (A-B), four middle seeded pools with three teams (C-F) and four lower pools with three teams (G-J).

After poolplay on Friday, the #1 from the lower pools and all teams from the middle pools will advance to a knock-out stage. Winners from the knock-out advance to pre-quarters (1-16) against a team from the top pools.

#2 and #3 from the lower pools play a re-seeding cross-over and then advance to a lower bracket of pre-quarters (17-32) against the losers from the knock-out stage.

After this, all teams play quarters, semis and finals.

All teams play 7 games in total.

women’s division 2024 – 20 teams

In women’s there are two top seeded pools (Q-R) and two lower seeded pools (S-T) with 5 teams each.

#3 and #4 from the top pools advance to pre-quarters against #1 and #2 from the lower pools.

The pre-quarter winners advance to quarters, semis and finals (places 1-8) against #1 and #2 from the top pools.

#5 from the top pools play #3 from the lower pools in a knock-out game, after which the winners join two pre-quarter losers in a bracket of semis and finals for places 9-12.

The knock-out losers and two pre-quarter losers join #4 and #5 from the lower pools in a bracket of quarters, semis and finals for places 13-20.

All teams play 7 or 8 games in total.