The Olympia Restaurant is located right next to the fields. The kitchen serves healthy food for athletes prepared by nutrition specialists, and is where an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch will be served. Dinner will also be here for those who choose it.

There are always two courses to choose from, different dietary options, a generous salad buffet, bread and drinks. After the meal coffee or tea is included.

The restaurant is open for breakfast: 7.00-9.00.
For lunch and dinner, your team will get a designated slot to minimize waiting time.


Sign Up 2024


Team Fee: 440 EUR

At least 7 games over 3 days on high-quality turf. An amazing party at the luxurious event venue by Skogshem & Wijk until 03:00 with a DJ. Your top-notch plays will be streamed and medals for the winning teams! 

Player Pack: from 25 EUR

All packs include a special edition Hello Stockholm disc and entrance to the party!

These will be selected after registration, through each team’s team sheet and with add-ons for accommodation, lunch, dinner etc. 

Teams 2020

Signed up for Hello Stockholm 2020:

Open division

    1. Air Force Disc    

  • AtomSwift    Россия
  • AtomSwift    Россия
  • AtomSwift    
  • Belfast Ultimate    Northern Ireland
  • Chiripa    
  • Chris & The 7 Idiots    
  • DEMONS    United Kingdom
  • DJ Dahlem    
  • Freezzz Beezzz    Belgium
  • Friselis    France
  • Friselis    
  • FUK    Danmark
  • GGM Champs    
  • GRID    
  • GRID    Sweden
  • Guildford Ultimate    United Kingdom
  • Guns Out    
  • Guns out    
  • Hallunken    Germany
  • Hardcore Ultimate    
  • Herr Fugbaum    
  • Jagged Jackdaws    Sweden
  • Jagged Jackdaws    Sweden
  • Jetset Leuven    
  • Jusdisc League    
  • Jusdisc League    United Kingdom
  • KFUM Linköping    Sverige
  • Kfum Örebro blå    Sweden
  • Kfum Örebro vit    Sweden
  • KossMix    
  • Lumberjacks    Sweden
  • Micco & Jucca (Helsinki Ultimate)    
  • Micco & Jucca (Helsinki Ultimate)    
  • Mikko & Morri    
  • Odin    Sverige
  • PRO™    
  • Raging Seagulls    
  • Ragnarok    Denmark
  • Sachs’N    Germany
  • Salaspils WT    
  • SFC    
  • Skogs ft clapham    
  • Smash D    
  • SMASH\'D    
  • SMASH\'D    
  • SNATCH    
  • South Wales Storm    
  • Stadin Pirkat    Finland
  • Stenungsunds FC Red    
  • Tartu Turbulence    
  • the Dalahästs    Sverige
  • Too Many Cooks (TMC)    
  • Tour disc    
  • Uppsala Fdk    
  • Uppsala Fdk    
  • Uppsala Fdk    
  • Uppsala Jagged Jackdaws    
  • Uppsala Jagged Jackdaws    Sweden
  • Valmiera    
  • Viksjöfors 1    
  • Viksjöfors 2    
  • White Foxes    Belgium
  • Zeus    United Kingdom
  • Women’s division

      1. Disco Can    United Kingdom

  • Drop That Smile    Baltics
  • Foxettes    Belgium
  • Frau Fugbaum    
  • French Full Cup    France
  • Gamble    
  • GÖTTlaBORG M    
  • GöttLAborg S    
  • Halle Berries    Germany
  • Here for the Beer    Norway
  • Hotshots    
  • Kfum Örebro blå    Sweden
  • Kfum Örebro vit    Sweden
  • Like a Baas    
  • Mermaid Lumberjacks    
  • Phoenix    
  • Phoenix    
  • Phoenix (Brest, Belarus)    
  • The Dalahästs    Sweden
  • Too Many Cooks (TMC)    
  • Valkyria Dark    
  • Valkyria Light    
  • Viima    Finland
  • yalla    
  • Teams 2019 – Seeding

    Confirmed teams playing Hello Stockholm 2019:

    Seeding – Open division

    1. Örebro Blå KFUM
    2. Chiripa
    3. Guns Out
    4. Hardcore Ultimate
    5. Skogs ft Clapham
    6. Viksjöförs 1
    7. Mikko & Morri
    8. Ragnarok
    9. PRO
    10. Raging Seagulls
    11. Tourne-disc
    12. Linköping
    13. Lumberjacks
    14. Odin
    15. Nullacht! Ultimate
    16. Viksjöfors 2
    17. Tallinn Thunder
    18. helsinki
    19. KossMix
    20. Cut Under Next Time
    21. Ultimate Decision
    22. Uppsala FDK
    23. Beetop
    24. Dj Dahlem
    25. Stenugnsund FC
    26. Örebro Vit KFUM
    27. Chris & The 7 Idiots
    28. The Dalahästs
    29. Ultimate Saku
    30. Tartu Turbulence
    31. Herr Fugbaum
    32. Sun Beats Down

    Seeding – Women’s division

    1. GöttLABorg S
    2. French Full Cup
    3. Valkyria Dark
    4. Drop that smile
    5. Like a Baas
    6. Kitchen Sink
    7. ExElle
    8. Örebro blå KFUM
    9. Brussels Msls
    10. GÖTTlaBORG M
    11. Hotshots
    12. Gamble
    13. Flying Lemons
    14. Goho Girls
    15. Nullacht! Ultimate
    16. Örebro vit KFUM
    17. Linköping KFUM
    18. Valkyria Light
    19. Sirocco
    20. Frau Fugbaum

    Teams 2018

    Teams playing Hello Stockholm 2018 (ordered by start seed):

    Open division

    1. Salaspils WT
    2. Örebro Blå KFUM
    3. Viksjöfors 1
    4. Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    5. JuPiter
    6. Linköping KFUM
    7. Thunder
    8. Discoholics
    9. Uppsala Fdk
    10. Hardcore Ultimate
    11. Chiripa
    12. Guns Out
    13. Back In Stock
    14. Tourne-Disc
    15. Mikko & Morri
    16. Multiple Scoregasms
    17. GRID
    18. Mooslo
    19. The Dalahästs
    20. Stockholm Syndromes
    21. FUNK
    22. Tartu Turbulence
    23. Saku Ultimate
    24. Viksjöfors 2
    25. Färila IF
    26. Stockholm U20
    27. Örebro Vit KFUM
    28. Linköping Go
    29. Inglorious Bastards
    30. Stenungsunds FC

    Women’s division

    1. Salaspils FK
    2. GötLAborg
    3. Valkyria Dark
    4. Brilliance
    5. Like a Baas
    6. Viima
    7. Drop That Smile
    8. Uppsala FDK
    9. Fierce Grace
    10. French Full Cup
    11. Lynx
    12. Ufo
    13. Brussels Msls
    14. Linköping KFUM
    15. Duck Face
    16. PMG
    17. Flying Lemons
    18. Örebro KFUM
    19. Valkyria Light
    20. Rubik’s Boobs




    Sign Up 2020

    Register here for Hello Stockholm 2020:

    Teams 2014


    Teams registered for Hello Stockholm 2014:

    Open division

    1. Skogs Ultimate (Sweden)
    2. Viksjöfors O (Sweden)
    3. Salaspils WT (Latvia)
    4. Viksjöfors D (Sweden)
    5. Frövi (Sweden)
    6. French Connection (France)
    7. Tallinn Thunder (Estonia)
    8. Lucky Grass (Russia)
    9. KFUM Örebro (Sweden)
    10. JuPiter (Russia)
    11. GRID (Sweden)
    12. Seagulls DC (Sweden)
    13. Københavns FK (Denmark)
    14. Sigtuna FK (Sweden)
    15. Akka UC (Sweden)
    16. DiscoboyEZ (Austria)
    17. Stockholm Syndromes (Sweden)
    18. Uppsala Frisbee (Sweden)
    19. Team Spaceballs (France)
    20. Pickup Open
    21. KFUM Linköping (Sweden)
    22. Fine Wine (Sweden)
    23. Ultimate Rainfall (Norway)
    24. Dark Horses (UK)

    Women’s division

    1. Valkyria (Sweden)
    2. Genesis (France)
    3. Primavera (Netherlands)
    4. Sexy Legs (Estonia)
    5. KCN Rīga (Latvia)
    6. Uppsala (Sweden)
    7. Salaspils FK (Latvia)
    8. Helsinki Ultimate (Finland)
    9. LilliPuc (France)
    10. Swedish Fish (Sweden)
    11. Akka UC (Sweden)
    12. KFUM Linköping (Sweden)
    13. Københavns Frisbee Klub (Denmark)
    14. Pickup Women 1
    15. Pickup Women 2
    16. Snowrollers of Lillsved (Sweden)


    Team fee: 2750 SEK

    Player fee: 350 SEK

    Quadruple room accommodation at Bosön including dinner, breakfast & lunch for 4 persons: 2600 SEK per night


    All players need to choose one of the following player packages.

    The player packs are limited in numbers. Pay early to get the pack you want. Payment deadlines are listed here.

    player pack A – 530 SEK

    No hotel
    2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
    Party ticket (Sat)

    player pack B – 1130/1180 SEK

    2 nights triple/double Premium Hotel room, 10min drive from Bosön (Fri-Sun)
    2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
    2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
    Party ticket (Sat)

    player pack C – 1390 SEK

    2 nights 4-beds Standard Hotel room at Bosön (Fri-Sun)
    2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
    2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
    Party ticket (Sat)

    player pack D – 1550/1855 SEK

    2 nights in triple/double Premium Hotel room at Bosön (Fri-Sun)
    2 Breakfast buffets (Sat & Sun)
    2 Lunch buffets (Sat & Sun)
    Party ticket (Sat)

    Team fee 2150 SEK.

    Add dinner buffet Friday or Saturday at Bosön for 130 SEK. Read more about the hotels and the restaurant here.

    Select player packs and pay in your teamsheet. A link was sent via email when you signed up. Click here to resend the teamsheet link. (If you can’t find the email, check your spam-folder)

    How to pay

    • By credit/debit card in your team sheet
    • Swish: 073-703 2982 (mark payment with team name)
    • Bankgiro: 341-8779 (mark payment with team name)

    If possible, please help reduce the amount of administration by paying all player packs in one transaction.


    1 may 2019

    Sign up HS2020 is open
    Sign your team up by filling out the web form above. No fees needed.

    1 nov 2019

    Early bird – secure a bid!
    Teams who pay the team fee before this date will be guaranteed a spot (still possible to pull out with full refund before the sign up deadline).

    10 nov 2019

    Sign up deadline
    Bids will now be awarded among all signups (check your contact email). Secure your spot by submitting the team fee. Sign ups after this date will be put on the waiting list.

    1 dec 2019

    Team fee deadline
    Teams with unpaid team fees will lose their reservation after this date. Teams on the waiting list can take over available bids by submitting team fee.

    10 jan 2020

    Player packs deadline
    Player packages must be paid before this date. Player packs are limited in numbers – pay early to get the pack you want. Teams without min 5 paid player packs will lose their spot after this date.

    10-13 apr 2020

    Hello Stockholm 2020!
    The first games start 15.00 Friday. The finals are over around 16.00 on Monday.

    Refund Policy

    Team cancellation

    Before sign up deadline: 100% refunded

    Before player packs deadline: 25% refunded

    Player cancellation

    Before player packs deadline: 100% refunded

    Before the player packs deadline + 2 week: 50% refunded

    Replace a player with another player: no charge


    Quality everything, in one location

    Within a few meters: good hotels, restaurant, and an amazing huge modern indoor atificial grass field, with plenty of ceiling height. The venue BOSÖN is the national sports centre and is beautifully located in the artipelago just 15 min from Stockholm City. It even has a decent 9-hole discgolf course on the area if you find some spare time.



    Premium hotel (player pack B)

    Double and triple rooms in good condition. Gym and sauna available. Playroom for children. Very close to ferries to Turku, Riga and St Petersburg (Värtahamnen/Frihamnen). All rooms have their own showers and bathrooms. Free WiFi available. 10 min by car from Bosön sports complex. Map here. Scandic Ariadne website.

    Standard hotel (player pack C)

    The hotel was opened in 2011. It’s a modern and very nice budget accommodation. The rooms are flexible 4-bedrooms and have shared bathrooms on every floor. There is plenty of WCs and showers. Several rooms have a view over Askrikefjärden. Free WiFi available. At the Bosön sports complex. Map here.

    Premium hotel (player pack D)

    74 excellent rooms in tasteful and comfortable style. All rooms renovated in 2013. In total 172 beds distributed over single, double and triple rooms. All rooms have their own showers and bathrooms. Free WiFi available. At the Bosön sports complex. Map here.



    The Olympia Restaurant is located right next to your hotel and the fields. The kitchen serves healthy food for athleets prepared by nutrition specialists. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served here. All meals are all you can eat buffets and included in your player pack (no breakfast in player pack A).

    There are always two courses to choose from, a generous sallad buffet, bread, and drinks. At dinner a dessert is served. After the meal coffee or tea is included.

    The restaurant is open for breakfast: 7.00-9.00. For lunch and dinner, check your team’s eating schedule!



    A nice place to chill out between games. You can buy drinks, energybars, snacks, sandwiches, newspapers, coffee etc.

    Opening hours are 8.00-22.00 Friday & Saturday, and 8.00-16.00 Sunday.


    DJ will rock the dancefloor until the morning.


    DJ Pavlin


    Take the opportunity to check out Stockholm. It’s a beautiful city and has a bunch of cool things to see and do!

    Below are two good links. If you have some questions – dont hesitate to contact us.